Find the number of children?

Is there a way to easily find the number of children a parent object has?

I need to know for an exporter. There’s too many to just count in my model, even using the OOP it’s way too many.



Oops Window, Hi-lite the parent object, and press Shift_L
That should select all of the children.
In the top Info Window header, you should see: |Ob: Total - Selected |

Subtract one from ‘Selected’ and you should have the number of children.

Note: You may need to press NumPad_9 to refresh the display.

You can also press Shift + G key in object mode with the mouse cursor over a 3d window and with your Parent object selected. This brings up the parent/group menu.


Just curious if other people have to press NumPad_9 to force a redraw in order to see the correct number of selected objects in the Info Window Header, or if it was just my old video card.