find what groups a vert belongs to

is there a way to find what vertex group a particular vertex is part of-

I have found scripts that work the other way round, ie given a vert group I can return which verts are a part of it, but not the other way round

if i’m not mistaken, i believe that vertices don’t store any information about group data; groups store vertices. Mesh objects have vertex group information which store the vertex data (which is probably why all scripts you have found so far are as such).

i suppose you can just loop through all the groups and see if a vertex is a member of any of those groups … but it does seem rather inefficient :P.

You are right, ncy… – there is no other way to learn which vert belongs to which vertex group than iterating ALL vertex groups and recording info about the verts in there :wink:

BUT… what do you mean inefficient??? I think it wont take more than 30 milliseconds for a mesh of 1000 verts :cool: