"find your posts"

Am I missing something or is it terribly inconvenient to find the posts you’ve written? Click click click click to search for them from your user control panel, that’s the shortest route I’ve found. I don’t want to “subscribe” to threads, so much as find a thread in which I’ve commented. Other vBulletin and forum sites have a quick link in the upper right for this.

I just clicked “search–>advanced search–>and typed “jason G” in the 'search by author” box. Very easy, very quick.

not as easy as it was before!
I agree, this was one of the fetures I liked about the old site.
and I havent seen it here (so far I’m not impressed)

You are automatically subscribed to your own posts, you can get to your subscribed posts through the USER CP, or through the quick links section.


This is not nearly as quick as the old 1 click (1 click -vs- 4-6 clicks plus typing your name)… And you can’t bookmark this “ego” search either. So…

So in time you won’t even notice… But for now we have to take the long route described above to get to our important threads from the elysiun days…