Finding a Group

I am trying to find a group of people that like blender and make games with it.

If someone is in a group, please tell me so I can join it too(if you let me).

Thnks in advance :smiley:

(sorry for my bad writing: I am brazilian and have 13)

Hi and welcome to elysiun.

There’s plenty of groups out there I think. :smiley: Let me suggest the community project that’s slowly taking shape.

We’re starting to propel forwards. We’re still in the stage of deciding and planning for the game.

Look for the group online meeting times here.

Jason Lin

Thx Jason,
Can I join the team?
I saw those links but I think I can’t go to any real meeting because I am Brazilian. I can just be on Internet meetings.

Are you guys starting to make a game?
I have an Idea that I have thought this afternoon:

I think we could make an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online RPG(Role play game))
but i still think its complex.

There is another idea to make a history game like Max Paine or Siberian but with the themes medieval/fantasy.

I think that I am going too fast so send me a PM


well, sure u can join…do a search for “community game project” and “CGP”, read the topics and vote “i’m in”, post what sort of work u can do and try to meet others via irc at the given time.
u could either post ur ideas to the topic “CGP: storm your brain up” or sent your advice to goldentaiji.

i don’t think that an mmorpg is a good idea because there isn’t any perfectly working internet play in blender yet.
i’d rather go for an fps/rpg

Yeah I think an fps/rpg would be better.