Finding a job in the 3d industry it's hard

First of all how to find a job? where you need to go?
Things are more complicated than when I started learning 3d
And I didn’t mean working in a huge company this is for only few people, I mean working on small environment or some small jobs to done

I’d suggest looking for architects, photographers, advertising agencies, anyone in the museum trades – look where these companies advertise to their clients since you might not notice them in the phone book.

Look for any job that gets you “inside” that door. My first job in the computer business consisted of sitting inside the “machine room,” tearing printouts from a line-printer and shoving them through the appropriate slot. (There was no such thing as a “personal” computer in those days that was not a toy.) I didn’t care what the job was – only the side of the door that it put me on. I did that menial job “faithfully and well,” and everything happened from there.

The one place I wouldn’t chase is: Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, and so on. Everyone chases that low-hanging fruit. I’ll bet they get a thousand applications per day between them, all from very well-qualified artists and technicians.

Every job that you do – do it as promised and to the very best of your ability, whatever your ability might be at that time. Most jobs still are found by word-of-mouth referrals by “those who would speak well of you.”