Finding and fixing small GE bugs

Hi folks,

With Erwin and Snailrose adding some very cool stuff to Blender, I’ve tasked myself with fixing some of the small bugs that exist in the GE.

If you guys could upload VERY simple .blend files that highlight the problem, I can then use these to try to fix the problem in code, and submit a patch.

I’ve already fixed 3 bugs ( including the “message actuators get called twice” one ), so I’m starting to get a better handle on the GE source code.

I’ve included below a sample of an ideal .blend file both showing the problem when P is pressed, and with some text illustrating what is going on ( just in case I don’t get it from running the game ).

“Message actuator getting called twice” bug

“Problem with setting linV directly” bug

“Problem with sleeping objects, when force is applied” bug

All of these have been fixed, you can download the new blender.exe here ( Windows only at the mo ).

I’ve only limited time, but I’ll try to fix as many of these bugs as possible - the sooner you get your “pet hate” bug submitted, the sooner I can start looking into fixing it, and making the next version of Blender more Game Engine stable.

In this build, I’ve also applied a great patch from someone that will add new objects aligned to the world grid ( not to the camera rotation ), and doesn’t automatically enter edit mode.

Best regards…

The “problem with setting linV directly bug” seems to work fine with me. The ball goes straight up, and it doesn’t move to the side.


I’ve just uploaded another version ( the ADD button needs to be selected in the movement actuator, you’ll see the bug then )


Are these changes getting submitted to so they get permanently changed? I hope so, I appreciate your efforts, but I’m on Linux and no one makes binaries, plus I only want it if it’s permanently changed.

Yep, I’ve submitted them as patches on the main site, so they’ll get rolled into the next release of Blender.

How about the static-static collision bug (if it haesn’t been fixed already)? I can’t make a demo .blend right now, but it’s simple enough to test: just have one object dLoc towards the other and then change a property on collision.

Framerate tearing Linux bug:

To see it in action run this .blend: on Windows - then Linux and compare the performance.

Really, this is the only thing that is still bothering me (for all the other things I can usually script a workaround). I have asked around for why the framerate tears like so on linux, but no one seems to know.

So if you have any idea on what is causing this and how to fix it, I would really appreciate it.

PS: Who is in charge of maintaining the Linux build anyway?

Social I noticed a slight bug in your walkthrough_bullet. For some reason when I hit the stack of boxes into the triangular built boxes the boxes froze in mid air. Very cool.:slight_smile:

Yea, that will happen in flymode. I think enabling “No sleeping” on all the crates would prevent that from occuring.

Could you fix the parent to bone in the GE? If you really need a blend file I could upload one but all you need to do to replicate it is to parent something to an armatures bone and assign some action. If you run the action in the GE, the parented object doesnt act like it is parented.

Are you sure magic man? I’ve never had this issue with 2.42a on any armatures I’ve used. I’ll look into it a bit.

Parent the object to the bone by going into pose mode on the armature, selecting the object, select the bone, ctrl+P, Parent to Bone.
It works in animations but not in the GE.

Oh. For a workaround, I guess what I did was parent the object to the armature, then weight paint it and assign all the vertices in that object to the bone I wanted.

That works but the object’s center, and therefore its collision doesn’t move which can cause some problems.

Good point. I had a model swing a sword with a collision sensor, but it would never collide with anything, so my actuator was never triggered. Now I know why, but that was a big headache. I really hope they fix this.

There is a bug in the blender player code. The Esc button quits the game, even if it is bound(or linked up) with a keyboard sensor. This bug happens when you make a full screen run-time(.exe). But works fine with a windowed run time(.exe).

Fixing this bug would allow your finished game to go the the title menu when the Esc key is pressed and you are playing Full screen, instead of just quitting the program.

If you could fix this bug, that would be excellent:) thanks.

If you don’t understand what I’m saying, I’ll post a .blend and a fullscreen and windowed .exe

Don’t forget radar sensor being solid bug that’s been reported by others.

There’s also an issue that IPO ping pong mode doesn’t really cause the object to go back and forth on the IPO curves when connected to a property sensor.

I don’t suppose you could look into this scene memory bug?
He’s got a blend posted and it’s really a critical one for someone that is changing scenes often.

Just found a bug doing a mingame for MagicMans project.

It seems that the message sensor will always register positive if put together with an always sensor.

Mighty strange.

texture/images that unload bug

textures that are not packed constantly unload themselves… not sure why… could be something to do with editing the object… dunno exactly where the bug is… you have to either pack your textures/images or constantly go to texture button and hit reload image… happens when you use blender materials in the GE.