Finding Blender 2.66a user pref blend file on mac??

Hi there,

Since 2.66a blender stores user preference information differently apparently.

I want to copy the user pref from one blender installation on one mac to another.

The manual says that there is a user pref blend file, on the mac, in a hidden folder etc.

MacOS: /Users/$user/Library/Application Support/Blender/‘Version Number’/config/startup.blend (you’ll need to show hidden files).

I’ve unhidden the files and searched the Hard drive but there is no startup.blend file or blender folder in the application support folder or anywhere else for that matter.

I’ve also tried saving and loading a key map, but that didn’t assign the changed keys I had made from the one install of blender to other. Maybe because I didn’t choose the key map in start up window?

Either way, I would like to know how I go about copying the user preferences from one blender install to another on a mac for the 2.66a version of blender. Many thanks in advance for your help :wink:

Have you saved your user preferences and ‘Save Startup File’ menu entry. They won’t be there until you ave them, otherwise it will use the defaults