Finding Blender Workshop for semi-professional.

Hi guys, im general 3D artist for local studio in Malaysia for couple of years.
Recently my company want me to join any short courses for professional level to improve my skill especially
for VFX.

Do you guys know any information about this or i should directly ask Blender Foundation?

Hey mahbar,

This may be obvious, but have you checked out cgcookie’s VFX archives?

Here is an example course to check out -
And the complete archive -

I’d also check out CGMaster’s latest 25 hour dvd series -

There is a wealth of great training material available on the Blender Cloud.

For on-site workshops, your best option would be to look for Blender Foundation Certified Trainers on the Blender Network.

Not bad, but this is online courses alot, but sorry maybe im not clear enough description. The courses that i need to find is offline course.
But thanks alot for information :slight_smile:

Hey, this is what im looking for, thanks alot @Fweed!