finding dark faces, how do I fix it?

I am trying out “solidify” for the first time and I like it, but for some reason I ended up with these weird, dark faces.

I tried recalculating, and it didn’t work. I tried subdividing, and it just made more of them.

Any advice?

Check the direction of the face normals, not just by Ctrl+N, switch on the display normals.
Check for any faces inside your mesh, check for double vertices (W / remove doubles)

Thanks. I looked online to figure out how to “show normals” in 2.5, and the only answer I found was to look under “display”, but when I did, I found no button for “show normals”.

Where is it?

It is a check box in the N panel to the right of the view port.

I looked there, and don’t see it. I am assuming you are talking about this pannel:

You need to be in edit mode

Thanks! Found it. But when I checked, they were still all facing the right way.

I clicked the “remove doubles” and that didn’t fix it. I tried, “recalculate”, and still the same problem. I think I am going to move on to building a different object and hope it doesn’t have the same problems.

If you attach your blend to your post I’ll have a look at it.

Here is the blend file. Thanks Richard.


ringFirstTry.blend (67.9 KB)

Depending on the effect you want, I’d apply the solidify modifier as it then it gives you more control of the mesh. You can then add an Edge Split modifier to control which edges you want to maintain as sharp (Ctrl+E / mark as sharp) or increase the crease value of the edge (N / crease value near the top). It looks like some of the then visual ‘artifacts’ are coming from the mirror and specular settings.

After trying your suggestions, without any luck, I took to heart your last thought about the material settings. Turns out the “tangent” shading was what was causing it. Not the model at all. Well, that was about a whole day waisted. At least I can now move forward. :slight_smile: