Finding good fabric texture?

Are there any sites at all that have good fabric maps? I’ve been looking for something like this:

I don’t know many texture sites, only one I usually use is CG textures since they usually have what I want. I looked around and I can’t seem to find any good tile able fabric maps… I’m using it in the noisemaker of zbrush. So I’m looking to make an alpha out of the image. So it needs a pretty good amount of bump and seamless.

  • Mean the one I showed is pretty close, I wouldn’t mind if it was more straight rather than crumpled.

So basically I have to create my texture and save it as a alpha? I suppose I could but my cloth has a weave pattern within it that is very tiny and detailed. I would really like to do this:

Is this possible? I need a high detailed model since I’m zooming in pretty close and it will be seen at the fibre level.

this is a special system. I don’t know if we have a similar tool in blender.

Well it doesn’t really need to be the exact same thing, I just need something that can give similar level of detail since I plan on zooming into this cloth.

there was a tutorial on making a stuffed elephant on Blender Cookie that had a small tutorial on making the cloth texture through curves in a separate scene, and the texture was tileable. the curves were used to make the fabric, and the render of it was used as the texture.

you could make your own curves textures and then try to bake it and re use it !

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Ah there is a tutorial about it. Cool. Thanks for telling me. Should help me with my shirt.