Finding motivation, after 2 month crash

After my mental crash 2 months ago, I have not found any motivation for anything. The only thing I’ve been doing is playing MMORPG. I want to return to 3d modeling, but I can’t seem to get motivated.

Stay away from running from your self into delusional digi-tech worlds and let your creative spirit work analogically. It’s natural human way since learning to control fire. We’re merely adding skills. Now, don’t let fire nor dark start to control you.

You read? You wonder? Are you a stranger in a strange land? Know about sickness unto death… and restore your rhythm (organize, discipline your self). Only you are solely able to make yourself happy whatever you choose doing. And just practice. No matter what motif, the more diverse works, the better. Slowly, naturally you’ll grow.

Out there, there’s no free will, but life is freely living it through. So is happiness, always infront, in plane sight yet out of reach… one must just let it come freely into heart.

It takes action to make time.


Living in my Chevy HHR now for 7 months, I’ve had to “invent” ways to keep myself “tuned” into "life.

I lost a lot, saved most to re-start again…one day. One meal a day… saving money to spend when I need to move forward a little.

Yes, I can understand your worries.

burnin has great advice, thanks.

I’ve had to learn all including how to eat in order to manage…my “waste”.

Found that cleaning up spaces like in a shopping center parking lot with homeless around, gave me strength.

Wifi, blender news only on wifi at library. Wifi…wife…intersting typo I corrected.

Anyway…“Don’t give up or give in to fears.” Easy to say… it’s a hard lesson to keep working.

Best to you… And, keep Blending… that’s my prime time, entertainment et all.

Been around Blender since Ton released his first version. 2003 or so? Donate when I can and will become a larger donor again when I get a place to live and a job.

Still hard to believe how much your life can be destroyed from nothing you have done. Just personality conflicts you never saw.

Reality? Fantasy? They work as needed… may the force be with you.


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It sounds like you might right now be facing clinical depression, which is actually a medical condition. I suggest that you seek professional help quickly. There are many physical(!) ways that “your mind can play tricks on you,” and if you don’t fully realize what is happening they can be extremely devastating.

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This is good stuff for me. And I wonder if my b12 has something to do with how I am feeling.
This morning I had a thought, and I need to set a goal. I have no goal to reach for. For starters, i want to be a good character designer and 3d modeler. I just need to find the steps to reach that goal.

For some reason, everytime I loose some weight, I end up with some catastrophe.

Well, please excuse me for being someone who at one time volunteered on a suicide-prevention hotline. On many a late-night call, I felt that I was maybe able to inject into a desperate caller’s mind the idea that maybe at least part of the source of his desperation might actually be external to him/herself.

I tried this strategy because, in many cases, I sensed that the caller was “entirely confused.”

Anyhow – why not look around in your own community(!), to see who might be needing – or, using – skills that you’re interested in? Advertising agencies, creative agencies, architects, even lawyers.

Now that “Blender is everywhere, and still free,” lots of local companies are using 3D in various ways and are surely looking for local resources to help them do it. Instead of struggling to “find the next steps,” present yourself to them as someone who’s self-disciplined and eager to learn.

Its ok to take a few weeks break, but gaming can be addictive. I recommend uninstalling them.

As for modeling, is this something you actually enjoy doing? Or you just care about the result and not the process? If you just want the result then perhaps 2D is where you should focus. Really think what it is you enjoy doing and then find some videos to get inspired.

And delete the games.

My only admonition, to this person and to anyone, is that you should become suspicious if “your” feelings begin to be “extreme.” There could be a physical cause.

And, let me also be quick to point out that the treatment might not involve “drugs” and that you might well be able to find relief. I’m not joking when I say that I once heard of a person who had rather-profound mental problems which turned out to be … an allergic reaction to broccoli.

Just try to be self-aware. “Are ‘my’ feelings actually ‘mine?’” Also pay close attention to observations made by others whom you trust: when you are “on the inside,” by definition you don’t see things clearly. In this way, mental illness interferes with its own recognition and treatment. You can “live with it,” in misery, because you don’t recognize it for what it actually is. It can be very insidious, and thus very destructive.

I like modeling. But I always rush because I am in a hurry to get the end result. The more work I need doing the faster I try to work.

EDIT! I erased the game.