Finding real references for realistic modeling...

Hi everyone, :DSo I was making a photorealistic project and I realized I need some realistic references since I was using the metric system of Blender. However I was incapable of finding any reference for many of the objects in scene (I mean reference (images or text) with real measurements or illustrative measurements at least) nothing! And this is really frustrating, specially in those object which I personally designed but I cannot give them a real size because of my lack of references (for example I have a really estrange chair, the design is really complex, and I can’t scale it in the correct size) :o

My question is: Where I can find images (or text) with real measurements in order to use them as a reference for scaling my 3d models in the correct size?

Thank you so much for your time, and your answers ;3

When it comes to polygon modeling,accurate measurements aren’t really that important (CAD is another story)

Most of the work you see on the forum of real world objects are mostly just eyeballed,references can only take you so far.

Many objects, materials, measurements… are standardized by official acts (more & more each year).
These are usually used as basic references (architects, designers…):

There are often things in the background that you can use to approximate dimensions: bricks, cinderblocks, table heights, chair seat heights, sports equipment, soda or soup cans, various bottles, doors…

Also, I can frequently find representative dimensions of things by using the search term “dimensions of name-of-thing

Thank you all for your anwers.
I’ll check those books you sugest burnin. @Orinoco, I was thinking about it, using real world objects size as an illustrative reference so I sttarted using a measuring tape all over the house xD