Finding References with Something Like a T-Pose? (Nudity Warning)

I first apologize in case I am in the wrong forum. I could use some pointing in the right direction, please. Thank you for bearing with me.

I made an attempt to download a ZIP file from the web site [nudity] " 3D . SK ", but apparently, it requires both a subscription AND the additional purchase of “credits”. Downloading several images of a human would have roughly been above $80. Since I did not correctly understand the process, I ended up cancelling the subscription without downloading anything.

I did find a site called [nudity] " PoseSpace . com ". The prices seem more reasonable. I would need to dig through each photo session though for something like a “T-Pose” if it becomes necessary.

Are there other sites that offer starting poses for 3D modeling a human? I have heard of an A-Pose, so that might work. Thank you for reading this.

there are 2 free human characters site
one is Make human and the other one from Bastien

use these and you can change the rig to get a T or A pose

happy bl

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I hope of finding a source that involves photos of actual humans. I did try free-hand tracing a model from the Manuel Bastioni LAB more than half a year ago. I received better opinions on pieces I pulled from imagination than what I pulled from the LAB add-on. Thank you for the suggestion though.

On I could right click the images and save them to my hard drive. I just searched images on Google for “nude model t pose” and found some photographs of nude models in T poses. Though many search results are computer models or are not T poses, there are some human photographs of T poses.