Finding the angle of a single vector?

Hey guys, its been a while since ive been here. Everything still lookin’ good btw!

I have quick question about vectors. What i’m trying to do is figure out the angle of an object from its x,y coordinate. The problem is i have no clue what the syntax should be. I cant use the orientation matrix because the object itself is not actually rotating. Here’s a blend file if it helps. Thanks!


circle_angle.blend (142 KB)

Working with vectors I think you should check out the mathutils module. (

Is this .blend file what you want?


circle_angle1.blend (142 KB)

#here's the problem area:
own.deg = degrees(tan(own.y // own.x))

should be

#here's the problem area:
own.deg = degrees( <i><b><i>atan </i></b></i>(own.y // own.x))

Perhaps? Or that could just be syntax. Yeah the mathutils module is awesome for this stuff, try the angleBetweenVecs function

Thanks guys this is awesome! is there any way to get a full 360 range? i need ecah point to be unique or my plan wont work. Thanks!

To Wraah’s method, just add

if vec2[1]&lt;0:
    own.deg = 360-own.deg

to the end of the code

I see what your attempting to do, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me…

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Open it up, check it out. Seems to work :rolleyes:


circle_angle_full_circle.blend (142 KB)

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Awwwww it was my own problem. i forgot to add that to the reference spot too! Thank you guys sooo much! both of you are life savers! I owe you guys HUGE! :smiley: