Finding the correct frame rate for audio/video sync

I’m trying to sync an animation of a piano keyboard with a wav file of the song it’s supposed to be playing. Of course it has to dead on from begining to end.

The problem is that the animation is too fast and can’t be synced with the wav as it is. I rendered it at the default 25 fps, and I’m trying to do it in the sequence editor.

If I have to re render it, how do I figure out the correct frame rate?

Can it be done in VirtualDub or similar app?

Using whatever sound programs you have on your computer measure the length of a stretch of the music (whole number of bars would probably be easier, the longer the better), then find the frames in the animation that correspond to the start and end of that piece of music.
Lets just say for arguments sake that the piece of music was 20s long, and there were 400 frames involved in that time. Thus you want 20fps. However 20fps is unwieldy (and you’re likely to get something worse like 21.48275fps) but it will work without rerendering. However, instead you can go into animbuttons (in the same context as renderbuttons, F10) and set “MapOld” to the number of frames (400) and set “MapNew” to the number of frames we want it to be (20 * preferred fps, probably 25 or 30 so either 500 or 600) and rerender.


I’m a little puzzled where “frames per second” is coming into this in the first place. The FPS figure is going to determine the smoothness of the video, and/or should be set properly for the frame-rate of the output device. This has nothing to do with the length and pace of the animation itself.

The Time (Speed?) IPO can be used to make adjustments in the “overall speed” of an animation. You want to make sure that the animation completes in the desired amount of time, and you may need to make it speed-up and slow-down to sync properly with the pianist’s performance. All that is done with the IPO; not the frame-rate.

As far as I know, the frame-rate is dictated by the output media. For example, an animation that was rendered at 30 FPS (for high-def video) might need to be reprocessed to 24 FPS for film output, or interlaced for NTSC/PAL video output; and so on. My understanding is that this is the intended use of the “frame rate re-mapping” feature… (No?)

Thanks guys. I’ll see which way gives the best results.