Finding the small things

In Blender 2.4, the object centers are those new little pink circles instead of the pink and yellow points of old. In the previous Blender, the object centers were always displayed, even if the object wasn’t selected. The result was a yellow dot for the centers of the selected objects, and pink dots indicating the location of unselected objects which was especially useful when you had objects made up of single vertices (in my case a partical emitter) that don’t show up in regular views or small seperated parts of a complicated mesh.

With the new system I have to either select all objects to locate the center of lost object or parent an empty to it to keep track of it. So why haven’t the two systems been integrated, allowing you to still see the centers of the other objects, perhaps in a different color or just smaller?

an object that consists of a single vert is shown when not selected, but the object center isn’t

this IS an improvement over the previous versions, at least in part. They wouldn’t show this object at all, and if it had only 1 edge [2 connected verts] it would only show in wireframe mode.

You could select it with the outliner.


I just found this…select view properties for your desired 3D view. There is a button that enables the showing of all object centers.

Thanks everyone. You’re right, that’s exactly what I was looking for, and great suggestion GreyBeard. I’ve been using the outliner more and more, but once again didn’t think about it when considering my problem.