Finding UNDO.

I hope you enjoy.

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Fantastic!

Although, I would make those eyes a bit more ball-like.

Great job!

Great parody! The composition, typographical effect and atmosphear were greatly mimicked … and mocked :wink:

You should do also some other angles… and one with a big shark :smiley:


My god…thats fantastic. Texture the fish and it’ll be indistinguishable. That deserves some kind of award for the best Blender joke.

Perhaps that should go in the Q & A forum so when noobs ask about the Undo button you can just show them that.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Brilliant! i love it :smiley: :Z :Z :stuck_out_tongue: 8) :smiley:

hahahahaha lOLOLOLOL yea it could be like the famous “how about a nice big cup of …” poster. thats really cool… maybe you can add a texture to the fish?

HAHAHAHAHAHA :stuck_out_tongue: great, love that, 2 jokes in one. Can I get an act in that movie, I’m still searching for the undo. :smiley:

Hehehehe, that’s great !

Very nice :slight_smile:


ehehehehehehehe!!! You know there is a non standard version of Blender that actually has an undo function. :wink:



Very creative.

But wait a second, there is an undo function. It doesn’t really function as “undo”, but when you hit “U” in the edit-mode (when working on, say, geometry) it reloads to what your model looked the last time since you switched to the edit mode.

fantastic! :smiley:

Just, hum… ha…ha hhhaaaaaa…

LOL!! We get your point :wink:

Wow, a big shark will be a challenge!


Good idea.

Sure !

Hahaha! Very nice :D.