Finduviel Female centaur

Hello, that’s me and I’ll be doing the female centaur model named Finduviel.
I’m going to place it around 2nd century BC to 1st AD century.
I did some model scraping – the only things I didn’t made were hands and inner mouth(thank you MakeHuman). And if anyone is that‌ um‌ very interested if I didn’t use ready model – Yes it is in/on web free model of centaur, it helped to get me idea. I did some research about horse muscles and sculped on Multires(I made small mistake and pressed apply mod–no backup so uhh‌)

The model is almost UVunwrapped, weighted&rigged and I made a not so bad hair based on particles!

So lets rock it!:RocknRoll:

P.S. Meshshots will be made ASIGTC(as soon I get to my computer). Here’s missing side shot showing horse part, sorry was in hurry‌

P.P.S. Anyone pls say me she DOESN’T look like mrs Beckham. Gonna resculpt her jaw. And maybe head too(eggshell)


try something else.and need practice to understand volumetric shapes.wich leads to basics.p.e. take drawing offense

Wow, that was a brutal crit there, quite frankly looking to be downright insulting and belittling, shanzou. I suspect Gregstein is probably quite adept with drawing in general, or else he would not have been able to produce this model at all!

I personally think that this model is very good. I for one do quite well as a pen and ink artist, but struggle with the ability to model in professional quality 3D. That doesn’t mean I don’t keep working with it. As example, I am not at all adept at modeling realistic characters, but I am able to develop a fairly decent, stylized, sort of model, though generally speaking my characters are admittedly simplistic in form, and do have flaws.

Gregstein, I personally find your work to be extremely good… I really like the style of the face and figure in general and am looking forward to seeing more!

Yeah, the crit’s tough one.

Shanzou, I already take drawing lessons, and while I draw easilt technic, architecture and other inorganic stuff, flesh gives me hard lesson(but I’ll be satisfied soon with that one too).
I’ve got a problem with understanding your post, in part “you need practice to understand volumetric shapes”–it gives me no sense, but whole thing I get. Can you(or someone) simplify this. I’m not english native so…:o

Here’s hair test i used before to make this hair.


Hmm… I have an error, which prevents me form painting in Blender…

Given the complexity of such a model, I think you did a fair job with it. You are on the right track to improve her as well, doing touch ups with sculpting is a very solid approach. Arik_the_Red has good points, with that, I’d encourage you to keep going. I suspect you are learning lots as you go too, and that is always a good thing! Looking good, keep it going!

Nice work Gregstein, I am looking forward to see how this progresses. ask if you have a problem understanding anything I say. I don’t speak anything other then English, so I don’t know what is hard to understand.

The only critique I have is that the head look a little large to me. But that might be caused by the camera settings, did you render with the default 35 millimeters camera setting? If so you might want to adjust that a little by moving the camera away and turning that up to 40 or 45. But that’s a style choice you have to make whether you like it or not. It will give her a bit more of a cartoony feel the larger the head is, and a smaller head would be more serious or epic in feeling.

I’d love to see a side view of the horse body, somethign that shows off the muscle sculpting you did.

Live long and prosper! (her hand reminded me)

Great work! Could I get a pic of the horses body?

So here’s your horse part you wanted.
Head may be a problem to me, because I already scaled it down, but nothing’s impossible to me(hope so).

I need help with in-blender painting. When I try to paint on the whole body, mesh shows white. In blender I already painted eyes, so I know it works. The body is unwrapped and I shopped some base colors to know where I paint. What I do wrong.

fix’d, in textured view I had solid display as chosen.

Btw. If you’ll watch Toy Story and Ice Age(first parts), you’ll see some characters greeting with same hand gesture.


Sorry for long break(which I took). Here’s my idea picture. Skin texture’s almost done – soon I’ll upload it.


Currently, I have something like this. Sorry for lips – I’m working on them :o

EDIT:I added eyesocket render


What do you think?


Now I’m back. And I got a tiny bit of skills.
I tried new color setting for Finduviel…

And her eye…

Also, I scaled the main texture down to 2048x2048, so my computer would finish renders in finite time, but the pixels may be seen on her cheek on second render.
Maybe postproduction will handle this. The fur on the ears was only for color testing.
And eyelashes! Almost forgot… :o

nice work on your centaur, she’s looking better. Before you start creating lashes, I hope you give the eyes a nicer shape?
I know it’s only my opinion, but the shape of the eyes seem neglected or rushed, the inner and outer corners are too rounded and simple.
The brow ridge could also use a little more work, of course it’s just a matter of opinion n preference, but I would soften that area and not make it so straight and so far below the actual eye brows.

I redid eyes and eyebrows too. What do you think?