Fine tuning the scene actuator


I’m trying to figure a way to layer my scenes with more precision in the GE. My game scene consists of four layers. The main/action scene. The text display scene. The overhead view scene. And the cursor scene.

It’s simple enough to layer three scenes. What you want on the bottom is “Add Background Scene”. The one you want in the middle is “Set Scene”. And the one you want on top is “Add Overlay Scene”. But if you have a fourth scene to add in, you can’t control where it goes the way you need.

Here’s an example of the problem:
The IP addresses need to show through everything, and be perfectly clear. So I put them on their own scene that gets layered over the main scene. But unfortunately, the text is also overlayed the top-down map, as you can see. I can’t set it to “set scene” because the top-down map is set to that (needs to be displayed over the main scene and under the cursor).

If anyone has any idea how to get around this, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I can’t look at the blend atm, but if i made sense of your post right, then why dont you try putting the cursor in the overhead view scene (is that the hud, and is the cursor the reticule).

From the above, I gather that you can present multiple scenes at once ???

Sorry, never heard from that capability… need more info (might be used to separate different problems like the example above)

Thanks for any help or reference on the subject.

yeah, dude just use the scene actuator ‘add overlay scene’

Actually you even can call a background scene that call another and so on. I made a quick multi-mist color example one day when I was bored, and deleted since it was ugly looking XD
Good thing about that is that using it correctly someone can make a really good looking LOD system.
My guess is that you can do soemthing similar with overlay.

Just to note mist like you described can be done with the new GLSL features. Yo Frankie uses nodes for a mist effect and not the world settings for it.

Thanks, Dave12345…

I’m just an egg, there’s a lot to grok here :wink:

I did those test back then on 2.45 version, apricot was still on a earlier state CyborDragon :P, still its an interesting fact.