Finger Guys *WATER COOLER CONFESSIONS- Minisode 1 w/audio* General WIP

Im taking some time off from the freeality project so…
Heres a little character I put together today. Its inspired by a character from Jimmy Maidens boring3d. Im not exatly sure what Ill be doing with him yet…but Im brainstorming now.
So, I put to gether a short little ANimation test(Im not used to characters who hop instead of walk) and It turned out alright…

I once again threw in some crap sound(his hopping), so dont expect much there.
Anyway, C&C welcome and wanted.

Uh, whoops just realized I didnt post any pictures! Haha, no wonder no ones looked.:o
Ive attached a few shots side, front, perspective pose. Tell me what you think(a simple character, but fun to play with).
Rightnow Im putting together A lip sync(to a song) for Bob here. Its just a 20 second clip or something, but its looking really good. It should be done and up here tonight.
Anywho, C&C welcome.


Cool! With the one bulging eyeball he could be one of Dilbert’s crazed co-workers. With a couple more characters you could animate the Dilbert strips. Or some other “Oh gawd! People actually work here?” kind of short plots.

Ha ha, I love it! The clothing suits it perfectly. Great character, thanks for the file!

Orinico: Actually, thats the plan exactly :wink:
Alden: No prob, thx
Alright, Progress is coming along nicely on the lip sync clip, could be done this afternoon(no promise)
Thanks for all the kind words

Alright, I finished the clip(10 seconds or so of lip sync). I think it turned out pretty good.
I had to cut the quality a bit(not too much), but it still looks alright.
I lip synced this song(Paper Heart- All American Rejects) because it had a fast beat, which is more fun to lipsync. All C&C wanted.
Thanks for looking

Good lip synch, but the eyes seemed to be sliding out of the face when he leaned way forward.

hmmm, they kinda do…Ill have to fix that.
Ill have a new character later today…

Alright, Hes done, Working On a short Lip sync for this guy…
Maurice(Reese for short)
Hes a night time DJ, “Regualr Working Joe With A Fro” By day. Hes not realy cool or anything, maybe even a little crazy. Hes the same base model as finger bob(obviously) with some adjustments. Hope you like…

All C&C wanted…


i cant see him properly.Can u adjust the lightin please.

sure… I ll have it up in…an hour or so. Im rendering His lip sync right now…

Alright, Heres the Lip sync…
There are some strange things going on with the vector blur(I probably won tbother fixing it, since this is just a test) so bear with me on that point. Im wondering what people think of the actual lip sync/ body movement. All C&C wanted.
Ill be posting the various shots of Reese with better lighting shortly…
Thanks for looking
PS if its too dark, turn up the bright on your screens…

Nothing anybody?
Im putting together some quick intros for the two characters, and finished the one for Maurice…
Thanks for looking, all C&C wanted,
PS Expect the one for Bob pretty soon(tomorrow-ish)

Thats funny stuff. I like the zoom at the end where it gets right in his face as he says ‘MOVE IT’.

Watched “Move It”. The syncing looks pretty good but the shapes need some tweaking. Ordinarily for a “V” sound (in MOVE) you’d have the bottom lip curl slightly under the top teeth. Since he doesn’t have teeth you’ll have to use the top lip as teeth and curl the bottom lip under it - otherwise it looks like he’s saying “I like to moo it”.

Nice idea though. I’ll have to keep an eye on this.

znaz-thanks man
AndyD: I noticed something was off, couldnt quite put my finger on it, thanks for the advice.

Ive put together a little short (the dialogue),that Im calling “Water Cooler Confessions Part I”
Its short, just a couple of gags, of questionable comedic value, but what the heck, Ive got to start somewhere.
Ill be recording dialogue and modeling the set today, possibly starting the animation.

All C&C still welcome on the last clips, thanks for looking.

Alright, its all animated, set made, lighting and everything done…now for the rendering…:stuck_out_tongue:
Its something lke 851 frames, so Im just going to render it over night…and hope blender doesnt crash(Like it has on overnight renders in the past). I think the naimation turned out pretty good, If a little jumpy(not so bad towards the end).
Ive attached a couple of frame grabs, feel free to critique how they look, any opinions are welcome.

Alright, thats all for now…
Drew :cool:

PS That Bob Character Intro is on hold right now, I think that this project introduces his personality enough.

But Ill probably do the Intro anyway


Alright, its all rendered. There are some problems(see if you can spot them all ;)), but overall, It turned out pretty good. One thing Im having problems with, is that my characters look a little to busy. And the lip sync isnt strong enough(the visemes dont sell) in a couple of parts.
So, Its about 40 seconds of actual animation, plus credits. All C&C wanted, any opinions in the comedic department are also welcome(Its not incredibley funny, but not bad :P).
Anyway, yeah

interesting project, the characters are very reminicent of the vegie tales characters, both in design and movement. Is this coincidence?

anyway, downloading the minisode now.


Hmm, must be, that wasnt the inspiration…