Fingertips detaching during animation

Hey All,
Having an issue where the finger tip bones on one of my characters are detaching oddly during animation. See attached images to see the difference from one frame to the next. I saw this happening while I was animating originally, but thought it was just a glitch since the problem goes away in Blender if I just tab back and forth between pose and edit mode on the given frame.
The parent/child relationship is correct with these bones and the Weight-Painting/ Vertex groups are also assigned correctly.

I made the bones/rig from scratch, and these fingertips were made by creating a finger bone and subdividing it…
Please let me know if anyone has any thoughts or if there is any more information I can provide.

Thank you,


Your attachment link is broken.

Meanwhile… are you getting any errors in the console?


Edit: Oops didn’t see the last post (forgot to refresh after window sat waiting). That seems to be a different issue but we’ll never know until we can look at the file.

Hey guys, thank you for the prompt replies.
Orinoco, the issue that Sebastian talked about in his rig wasn’t exactly the same as the issue I was having. However, it did lead me in the right direction and I was able to fix the issue. It turns out, it wasn’t a parenting problem in pose mode, by a parenting problem when the bones were in edit mode. So, I just went through and re-parented all of the affected hand-bones in edit mode (after un-parenting them first) and now it seems to be working correctly.

Thanks again