Finish The Fight

looks nice, but the grey scale kinda makes it hard to make out the details =P

Or maybe it should be more lit? Or more contrasted?

Great image, in general! The atmosphere looks great to me!
But i’m not sure i understand this floating thingy? Is it above the character, or is it floating far away, near the city?
If this is the second case maybe the floating thingy should be a bit blurred to match the blurriness of the distant city.


Thanks guys…

here are the models.

i would prefer to have the back ground image more sharp.

and the relationship between the guy, the space craft, and the environment is a bit unclear.


Yeah, I rendered in layers to bump up render time so when it came time to combine the layers I guess it did not work so well.

Thanks for the critique…keep it comming! :smiley:

This looks like a scene from the mighty morphin power rangers.
Brighten this up a bit, will ya?

I think it is a scene from Halo 3’s perview and that is master chief. I like the scene and it would be better if the contrast was tweaked to bring out details in the background.

isn’t this obvious that this is masterchief staring at the last human city with a covenant battlecruiser flying by??

I had to image enhance it too see all the details.
It’s really nice! Very good detail! You just need to show it! :smiley:


Ahh… an early guess at Halo III?


quoting myself ill give u the link: (google video because the speed rocks!)

Doesn’t the cruiser needs to be much larger compare to the guy in front?(MC)
In the game the thing is at least 1 km long

sorry for double, being a forum newb -.-

Dang. I haven’t seen the Halo3 trailer before… wow…


:expressionless: Whoa…this comes back from the dead. lol

Can you please post a colour image.
the cruiser must be a lot bigger IMO because in H2 on Metropolis it is floating wa up in the sky and is almost as big as the city (or so it seems)

the ship lacks the sences of scale, either ther needs to be some more mid ground info togive the city a smaller feel,

or creat a shadow from the ship that falls on some of the buildings, or some form of inte action between th buildings and ship.

the light sorce on the origenal scene seems to be diffrent from that of the light on the ship

i’m not firmiliar with the original, but theres nothing to give us scale on the ship.

i love the gray scale but also would love the backgound image to have a bit more controst…which can be tricky

but loving the results so far