Finish the fight

I couldn’t stop myself from doing another render of that model. C&C are always welcomed!

Excellent, especially the composition, camera angle, lighting, and the epic sense of direction and danger ahead.


wow this looks really good, you did a great job, I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your lighting technique.

some very excellent texturing here!

Topnotch rendering…

The clouds on the leg seems of to me. But really cool render there.

Top notch texture and model, not to mention overall composition, as RobertT stated before.

5 stars!

ecks you are fricken awesome. I love halo! (check out my avatar) I love how the pistol is out of ammo and in that un-cocked position. You should have a small stream of smoke coming from the barrel. The fog is amazing. same with the texturing. Are those ships pictures or actual blender meshes?

I love the lighting and angle you’ve got there. However, the cloud beside his right knee is a bit to square. Otherwise great, I like the way you’ve made the spartan the subject of the image and have the Halo in the background. I’m curious to see how many polys you used in the spartan. Would you mind posting a wireframe or something? Excellent work.

thanks everyone!
watchthis: the ships are modelled
As for the clouds/fog at the bottom, yeah it was suppose to be some smoke coming out of the ground (imagine some big fire near him)…but they kind of blend too much with the clouds in the background. Altho, imo, it’s not necessary wrong since I wanted to make a poster of an epic character. giantish look. Altho, those cloud might exagerate that a bit too much…so yeah, I agree they are a bit off.

Thanks for the comments and critics! keep them coming! :slight_smile:

I like this one better than your previous render with the character. The camera angle and over all composition are great and work very well with this.

I don’t know if it’s overly bad thing, that the foreground smoke blends in with the clouds: it gives somewhat of a dreamy atmosphere on the scene.

Very, very good work.
I like the most the background (the clouds of dust/smoke…) and the scratched metal of an armour with all its details.
Did you try to make low poly meshes for the games ? :wink:

Incredible work there, well done. I especially love the lighting. The patches of light in such a dark image are striking. I’m sorry I missed seeing your first render of this character.

Wow! nice poster indeed you have here !!!

Excellent image! My only crit is about the composited clouds in the foreground… they give the feeling that model is at least 30 meters tall. Other than that, gret work. 5*