Finish women model

You can comment if you want, but I won’t be changing any body parts, I do plan to add hair and some colors. Later down the road I plan to do some tutorial.

do finnish women look like this? :slight_smile:

A tutorial? I’m sorry to say this but I don’t think the model is good enough to be made into a tut. I think you still have a lot of work to do with the modeling.

For one thing the hips look very strange and the entire model is very square.


exactly, I was just going to say the same. Tutorials are for outstanding models. I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but this is not one, you’d need to work a lot on it to make it tutorial-worthy, but you’ve already said you won’t.

her arse needs more round ness at the bottom.

k then this is one of my game models( to be )
it needs a LOT of work and i know her head looks alien and she hasen’t got a mouth and ears or hands
her breasts need work
but keep in your minds that this is a game model( only one of these in the game )


but i suppose he is trying to model a older woman?

She’s kinda lumpy.

but i suppose he is trying to model a older woman?

Strange, she looks more like a young teen to me with her small breasts and baby fat. The model looks good overall, but there’s something wrong with her butt. Also the shape of the head is weird, the top is too narrow. Her wrists are very thin and her legs could be smoothed out some more. But again, overall it looks pretty good.

Nice feet too, except for the little toe.

I didn’t mean I was going to make a tutorial, I ment I’m going to model from a tutorial, this model was just for learning purpose, I might be using it for a skin map for games, I try to hit smooth a few times, see what that would get me.

it could use some tweaking here and there, but all in all it’s a pretty good model.

I can see the lines on the feet

Al, if you could just repair some of the pointed lumps on the hips and legs and rework the front of the armpits, she would look good. I also think she would look better with a dark skin (Asian, African) which may well be more difficult to pull of successfully than Anglo skin.


Ok, I remove the sharp edge on the hips and doing some work on the butt, the model I model from didn’t had much of an ass so it’s not that round, however there are some curves in some areas and they ended up square, also at the bottom you will see an image of the model after I click smooth a few times, however, this was after I took out the sharp edge from the hips.

that is one ugly as woman you got there

ok, I put a new face, fix the breast, arm pit and hips. This view was render with Yafray. C&C please