Finished: Andrexias of Anquititus

Damian grabbed her shoulder as she walked by. He frowned, locking his to hers, speaking quietly.
“Andy, once you cross the border, you know what’s gonna happen.”
He paused, gasping for breath as he tried to hold in his tears.
“I can’t loose you.”
Her gaze fell for a brief moment, trying to fight the situation. She closed her eyes before meeting his teal eyes.
She pushed away his hand, and declared quietly.
“I have swore kill them, no matter the cost, even if it costs my own life.”

Andrexias of Anquiatitus:::
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Andrexias was the first born of the Empire. First in line to receive the throne.

She had a loving father and strict mother. She had three younger brothers and two younger sisters. She also had a fiance.

When the 4th war broke out, The empire stood strong, but all was reduced to nothing when the Duke of Retikkas opened the gate for the enemy.

Emperor was killed, Princes were slaughtered, and her own mother slit her own throat.

She ran with her Fiance, the general of the imperial corp. But at the end, was killed by the enemy’s hand.

She now dons, and wields her family’s last remaining legacy. Exiled from her Kingdom. Wandering…and seeking for revenge .

“That bag looks awfully unsuiting to armors like of yours, Avenger of the West. Do you not have your squire to hold them?”
Bjorn grumbled, both of his arms swaying with his two nordic war axes. almost as if he had trouble holding them. He looked frustrated, tired.
Andrexias quipped back.
“He’s dead.”
Bjorn’s tense brows rose in surprise.

All her textures!

She also has normal based tension maps, controlled by vertex color and drivers!

8zones of vertex colors, I wanted more but there are limits within blender :cry:

4 different normals containing wrinkles, all sculpted :fire: :fire:

Her controller node!

SSS node with dem drivers!


Is the write-up yours, or from some fantasy book? If the former, get it finished and (self-)published. I say self-publish because I know these things may be deeply personal and editors with their red pencils and marketing considerations will take what you want to say and then torture and rape it into what they think they can sell.
And yes, visualising your characters helps to present them as living, flesh-and-blood people.

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Oh, thanks for the suggestion. It originated from a single idea that I wanted to make a character with some royal background and vengeance. And then as the work progressed, I slowly added more stuff up on another and another. There are fragments and pieces of story that I wanted to add in to the character, but sadly, not all of them made it into the character.

In future, I really want the character itself to speak for the story, like you know what’s going on with the character just by looking at it.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you!!!

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