Finished another bathroom of mine

Created and rendered my first carpet, which took majority of the rendering time. With the carpet it took almost 11hrs (less than 2 without) yeeeesh

Also added some depth of field around lower left so the focus is on the tub. I want to keep the tub as is because I want it to have a minimalistic design, or call me lazy!

Still need to learn to create more realistic towels, they are bugging me a lot.

Hope you guys like this one and as usual, suggestions and feedbacks are welcome!!

I like it! That rug looks super soft. How come the rendering time was so long? What are your system specs and the specs of the rug?

The lighting is really nice - can you explain your setup?

As for any constructive feedback; your image is pretty noisy, the anti-aliasing is rough in places e.g. the handles of the cabinet under the sink and I’m not sure what those objects are in the bottom left? The material looks cool though! One last thing - is the bath in an odd place, in front of the door?

Anyway, it is still a really nice image and I’m sure I could learn a lot from any answers you’re willing to give me!


Thanks Marc, yes the carpet is kind of fluffy/soft, I don’t like those rough ones. NOt sure why the rendering with the carpet took so long though, it was fine without rendering the carpet so i have a feeling because my computer sucks haha. I’m using i5 2.8hz quad core with a crappy nVidia video card just so I can use the GPU to render.

I have an environmental world plus a large emission plane on the left and at the back behind the door, plus some small lights under the sink and above the tub. Then added some glare in compo.

The material at the bottom left are suppose to be jelly-ish seats, its more like an after thought because I didn’t know what to put there and its kind of empty. And yes the tub is right there as soon as you enter the bathroom, I kind of got the idea from one of the bathroom brochures :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!