Finished : Bowling Pin

hello, this is my first Finished Artwork :rolleyes:

what do you think??

Happy Blending :ba:

need to work on your light set up

Good idea on the light :slight_smile:
Slap a sky on the background, reduce the light value Add OA … should look ok :slight_smile:

The light power is 1.500 , coz 1.000 looks too grey

hmmm a sky??

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Read that … it’s a 2 minutes sky setup … It’s fast and painless…
Unfortantly my site is only online when my pc is on :confused:

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hmm i see a dark sky with a moon and a litte bit of stars LOLZ

im feeling lazy , i do the sky thingy later this week.

but it looks good. and may come in handy

Very Good for your first art. If you’re not going to do a background then why don’t you make 9 more of them and put them in a bowling alley. :slight_smile:
P.S. I like the attention you put in the very bottom of the pin, nice little touch.

thank you very much :slight_smile:

I would love to make a bowling alley, but i dont no much about textures
well the bottom of the pin is brown :rolleyes: and thanks for noteing that, :stuck_out_tongue:

I have done a toon - like pin too

its not as good but its toone i think
and There are ten nice pins here :smiley:

Happy blending :ba:

Hi, that is brilliant! I was wandering if 3 years on you still have the original .blend file as I am Doing a alley and I’m struggling with the pins.

Really? Modelling a pin should be one of the simplest tasks of modelling. How are you getting on with the rest?

I would suggest that you add a cylinder, then make a bunch of loopcuts (ctrl-R in windows) down the length of the cylinder and scale each of those loops to the shape of the Pin. Hold down “Alt” and Right click a loop if you need to move it up or down.

Then if you place loopcuts at the right place you can use those loop cuts to apply the different materials for the bands.

Excellent work. If you want to make the lighting look a bit better, I suggest you turn down the energy of that area lamp. Maybe duplicate it and put one on the other side of the camera. Also, add some light points or spots. Lighting isn’t that hard. If you want to create good lighting, there are lighting tutorials on the tutorials page. ;). And texturing isn’t really that hard. At least, if you aren’t UV Unwrapping. UV Unwrapping can be a pain. Still, it’s not something to be afraid of. I try hard with UV Unwrapping, and if you try I’m sure you can get the hang of it.

excatly, for unwrapping it, i would suggest selecting an edge loop and marking it as a seam. if you want to turn down your energy light and for the pin to still look white, use ambient occlusion