Finished "cage"

(graphinc) #1


Here I have modified a little the geometry, reworked the materials and add some postprod.

hope you’ll like it :
(pic available in 2 diffeent sizes)


(S68) #2


very cool!


(basse) #3

it’s great… one of the best lightings I have seen here, and I like the model too. there’s just one thing, that is kind of funny… it looks smaller than it’s (i guess) supposed to be.

it actually looks almost like a photograph of a miniature scene :slight_smile:


(sten) #4

indeed very nice and cool !! :o

(stephen2002) #5

please direct-link to the page with the pictures (or just directly to the pictures) you want us to view. There were about 10 pictures on that page, I don’t know which one you were referring to.

(graphinc) #6

the picture is the one on the top of the page…I didn’t made a direct link because I’ve made two picture with different sizes (if you want to load a bigger or a smaller pic).


(blengine) #7

hehe it does look miniature, but amazing nontheless!

(Bapsis) #8

Sweet AND sweet, what else can i say?!?! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!