finished character


this is my best character so far. I focused on edge-loops and see there… it´s great fun to model organic stuff like my bad boy-character…

c&c are very welcome! even just short replies could be helpful for me!

thanks in advance, tom


thts neat…reminds of samuel jackson’s charachter from ‘the incredibles’.

I’d redo bit of the chest. Looks like someone has punched him really hard in there. Other than that. Nice looking model.

looks really really nice, are you going to rig him too?
my only crit would be those ears, they look a bit funny.
the creases around mouth are really cool!

it´s a pity I haven´t seen that move yet… but someday… :wink:

you are right… at first I tried to achieve a character that is a mixture between a human and dog. that´s the reason for his hanging face and the strange ears. maybe I tweak the model a bit in the next days.

I don´t think I will rig him. But who knows… in the next day I try to put a cool texture on him!

thanks for your replies!!!