Finished Commercial Blender Game?

The title speaks for itself.

Has anyone actually achieved this?!?!?

Because I see everywhere “oh no I can’t post the blend because I’m gonna release my game commercially”.

Has this ever happened?

PS: I know ClubSilo is very commercial, but it’s kinda not finished yet.

lol nope … as far as i know

soon, very soon…

even sooner if I get some help 8)

there have been a few commercial real time projects, I plan on having the first game :slight_smile:

Cool, what’s it gonna be like?

no sorry i have just seen demos

Well, it’s free so it’s not commercial.
Nice to know there’s another finished full game out there anyway.

Oh my, you edited your post right after I quoted it!

Now it is frozen in time!!!

Oh my, you edited your post right after I quoted it!

Now it is frozen in time!!!

EDIT: Hmmm… double post.

and doubled stamped no erasies

ooo very very sorry man, :frowning:
i was thinking of Crystal Space
that game had models what was made in blender but the GE was Crystal Space .

sorry about that , i did not think you would reply so fast lol

well there are lots of games that i have seen that used blender but not its GE

somewhat like sex… without a condom!!
totally free of commercialization , ribbed for HIS pleasure, and pre-lubed for maximum throttle.

if you are laughing because of the above text, all I have to say is:
“hey everyone has to have a dream!”

I want to break the myth, that you “need to know python” to make a game.

I want to set the standard for commercial games.

and I want to shave a small notch in my wifes eyebrow, above her nose, so she has 2 again.


lol … nice

you have a wife??? god help her , lol ,

im just joking

Has anyone ever made a free game funded by selling advertising space in it? Seems like it would be a sustainable business model as the advertisers could post the game to further it’s popularity.

I imagine such a thing would have to be driven by a really nice game, and that the advertising would have to fit into the context of the game.


if somone or a team made a big great game in blender, are the rules that you not aloud to retail or sell the game for real money? ect?

why sell when you can rent?

most games now adays are patchware anyways.

I just got the new testdrive, from atari…

YOU NEED TO HAVE A ACCOUNT with those @$$holes at fileplanet. and you need to register to get patches.

it says nothing about this on the box…

perhaps we should be “just like the pros”
and grow a 5 inch ass hole in the center of or forheads, and make our end users into a bunch of willing/spineless pu$$!es

the “game industry” needs an enima , we got to start looking at “fun” again.

I made one for a website, but I wouldn’t call it “commercial”.

Link to the games:
(The first two at the top of the page. The first one was REAL crappy, but the second one’s not half bad.)
Video: (Early AI Test)

cool Shn275,
nice work :slight_smile:

just for the record all you have to do is sell it to 1 person to make it commercial.

hmm i will buy it for 0.01p?

Do you even have a plan, p00f?

Like, the vaguest concept maybe?

Because I might beat you to it. I already have a plan.

How soon do you estimate it will be ready?

I would estimate my game finished sometime next month, unless I hurry…