Finished ETW Package (School project)

This is a project I’ve finished about a month ago for my school VisCom subject. This is supposed to be a package surface graphics for the upcoming Empire: Total War (I go their permission to use their logos). Further, I printed it on glossy cardboard, the same size of normal game packages and I was very satisfied! 3D model - I hope you’ll like it…:eyebrowlift:

What I actually printed out on cardboard - some improvements (lower quality though, to decrease size)

Sorry man. Im just not too sure what im suppose to be looking at. Its a cube, a plane with some UV texturing…
It looks ok for what it is. However its crying out for some sharpness filtering.
Thats it im afraid.

:frowning: I don’t get it… I mean I produced all of the images myself from my own scenes and 3D models done in Blender… And than rendered them and mapped them to a cuboid to produce surface graphics… i’m confused now…:frowning:

Sorry mate.
I was little too harsh in my last comment.
You did alot of background work which wasn’t that obvious to me to begin with.
I appologise mate.
Still, sharpen it up a bit though.
Nice work!

hi probably means you to use some other filter than gauss in render filter setup(try mitch alias mitchell.)
The graphic designers never use much invention for the game covers, they just use screenshots and graphics from the game. It’s good you used your own pictures, but why did you copy the rest of the style?(fonts, colors, thumbnail layout…)I think if it’s supposed to be design of a cover, you could put more invention to how the graphics will be used.
the battle image is well done I guess, but that’s been commented in other thread.

I wanted to stay true to the series by using similar styles and colours (the only thing that I copy-pasted were the logos - since I was making the package for an existing company, I had to use their existing logos), because all of the Total War game covers are done in a similar style and with similar fonts, not really sure what thumbnail layout is though. I can see now, that it is blurry here, but I’m not sure why did that happen (I didn’t use any filters) - this screenshot was taken a while ago and after that I’ve lost the .blend file. The final printed version is very sharp - no blurriness whatsoever - its done at 8000*4000 pixels, and now I’m too lazy to make another .blend of surface graphics.

Not really sure why you guys don’t like it, maybe its just my biased view:o, but I really like how the front cover looks like and am very satisfied with the soldier’s model.