Finished female character

(Pooba) #1

Well, this is the first time i acually took some time and made a kinda good looking character:

Comments please!
This is for a game, so it’s low poly.

(BgDM) #2

need a bigger pic, or bigger eyes :o

can’t see anything!


(dickie) #3

looks good.

but like bgdm said, it’s a small pic so it’s hard to give accurate feedback.

(blengine) #4

it looks real good from what i can see, very smooth model… it looks a bit high poly for low poly, did u turn subsurf on? :wink:
i like the pony tail, i got a thing for pony tails 8)

(Pooba) #5

Ok, here’s a bigger pic:
Well, she’s not exactly finished, i’ve got to add some eyes.
How about that?


(blengine) #6

much better! that is very nice pooba…whats that odd white border around her?

(Pooba) #7

I couldn’t figure that out either. I just rendered it and it was there.


(BgDM) #8

Maybe it’s the “Blender Aura” :wink:

Never seen that before either. Nice work though Pooba. She needs some thumbs :smiley:

Keep it up.


(Billiam) #9

How many polys is it made out of?

(Pooba) #10

It’s about 1000. It’s just smoothed.

Thanx for comments!