finished game - Dave

I finished this one last year as a Birthday present for my friend Dave.
I thought i will not post it anywhere else, but just considered as a duty to show this game here, because i couldn’t done it without blenderartists forums :eyebrowlift:.

So here it is:
game is all in Latvian language :o, i’ll make an English version as soon as possible.
Its a classic GTA style game with top-down perspective view with some quests to do, still really short because i done it fast.



English version:


arrowkeys - move
Shift - run
Ctrl - shoot/punch
Tab - switch between melee/shoot modes (if armed)
1,2,3 - hands/Shotgun/Assault Rifle

English version coming soon, now just explore map or do what you think you should do :slight_smile:
Oh, there are a bonus game also (in Windows version only),check that out.

Have fun!

nice and big ( too big?) work.
Textures are wonderful and well made!
And the character is very well “setuped” too!
Just to be “picky”: the “characters graphic style” don’t match “well” with
the realistic textures?!
Anyway, bravo!

That was kool, can’t wait for the English version!

a few sugestions,
a third person view as well as/instead of the birds eye view. plus the tutorials were every where, could you put the closer together? and is that the only level, because it seemed a bit empty.

Thank you, i intended to make game more simple (due the lack of time) - like characters - only with vertex color, but somehow finished it fully textured, still it was a damn fast work, like 1 week or more at spare time. Most time took setuping the scaracters.

there is a third person view in next level :wink:
tomorrow ill post a english version, so you know how to get there.

Brilliant mate :smiley: Can’t wait for the english version :slight_smile:

Damn dial-up. Filfront doesn’t work for me. Could someone upload the windows version to somewhere else? Such as Looks really fun. I like the old GTAs, but not as much as the new ones. I think Third-Person allows much more freedom.

Great work (as usual) :slight_smile:

Dude you rock!
Btw my birthday is october, 8. :)) lool!

Sure, my friends don’t offer me such gifts!! :wink:

here you go…

looks like English version will be on Monday.

I wait with great anticipation :smiley:

Nice work! I like the simple style it has and the effects in the second scene (inside) were pretty neat. I’ll have to wait for the english version to understand what the characters are saying though. Thanks for sharing this = )

I just uploaded English version of the game. See in first post, or click HERE to download the game

sweet every time I see a game made by Martinsh… I know I gotta download it cos it will be good!

I’m really like this work, it makes me think about the beauty of the finished game. I just wanna more graphic detals. i love it to of the bits. :smiley: :S :smiley:

This is a good game, it only needs some sound and music.


Although I do agree that it does need sound and music.

Great job! It really felt like the first gta game.

Good game! The ending was very pretty :slight_smile:

Very good! I liked the end area, in third person, it was trippy.I also liked the Top Down view as well, especially how the camera zooms in when you stop. But, when in third person, the guy wasn’t set smooth, and he was really shiny. Very Good. 4/5*

P.S. I agree with the people above me. Needs music and sound.

Feel free to use my music.