finished game - Dave

Hurray!!! English Version!!!

can you upload an English .exe? It doesn’t run to well on my computer in blender

Poor you. Is your video card refusing to work well? Because it runs fine in Blender here.
I got a Pentium D 3.0 GHz Dual Core PC with a 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS.
There’s some data for the system requirments. :slight_smile:
Oh… And 2 GB RAM. :wink:

cool game it looks like a more 3d version of the origninal grand theft auto its a realy cool game

Thanks Martinsh! Fun simple game…had a lot of fun!


That looks good for a whipped up game, in my opininon there are two things that make or break a game; the lighting and texturing. Your lighting looks pretty close to perfect just by looking at the screenies and your textures are nice and tiling.
The only bad thing I can see is the on the second screenie, the grass looks to big, but thats just being picky.
It sounds like youve made other games from reading the other posts, could you post some links to them. If this is something you made quickly I’d like to check out some of your work that took time.

umm… here is a game that actually took more than a week to finish

I’ve seen that game before, I didn’t realise you made it. I think that was Blender Nation, nice work.

thanks, yea once it was featured in BlenderNation. I dont have much finished games, i just cannot hold more than a week for one project :). I usually get bored or i face a technical problem that cannot be solved yet in Blender…
I should revisit my old projects someday

Didn’t you work on a game using the C4 Engine? With a team? I can’t remember what it was anymore, I noticed it didn’t get updated that much anymore.

Yes, that project is still very alive and there are a lot of stuff to show. I’ll sure post some work done for that project when our first demo will come out (project leader rules ;)).
I was talking about my personal projects earlier ;].