finished game DEMO

(steve343) #1

this is my finished game demo :smiley:

still in testing stage any coments welcome

I know the ball speeds up when u hit it side on but … tough i got no time to learn python at the moment.

i will finish this game mid next year when i have a little more time!

feal free to poke around and see how i made it my detection system to see when all the blocks are gone is my best acivment in this game :-?

ok heres the game

windows exe!.exe
blend file!demo.blend

(crow) #2

repeatedly hit the enter button is fun the ball never sinks past the paddle =o)

(steve343) #3

lol crow i was kinda hopeing nobody noticed that
just lazy logic bricks realy … nevermind.
ill sort it out when i sort the rest out

(Ecks) #4

well its pretty cool

2 thing:
-first, make a more big “arena” cause if the ball hit a cube in a certain way the ball will begin to go really fast and it’s impossible to touch it before it fall.

-second, uhmm make a buttun to start again, cause I was joking with the bug of the enter key and the ball hit a cube and then the ball goes in the air and I didn’t reseen it…and I couldn’t restart without closing and reopening the game.

Anyway, it’s a great game. Really fun :smiley:

(steve343) #5

yeah but if u dont cheat the ball wont fly in the air :stuck_out_tongue:

ok in the final game i’ll :

  1. make the arena bigger
  2. add mouse support (if it plays well which im not sure it will)
  3. sort out that enter bug
  4. add more 2 more levels
  5. add power ups

but as i say this will be done mid next year when i have more time