[Finished game] GRAVIBALLS -blend inside


I finished my little game “Graviballs”. I think the current state is fine, time to move on to another project…

The game concept resembles the good old “pong” and can be played with 2 players or just alone (who might win? your left or your right hand? :evilgrin: new: computer opponent for single play; toggles the left player to ai; you need to start with fireing the first ball though)

If you had fun with it or have some comments, I would be happy to get your replies. :yes:

The game requires Blender 2.49b! It is not 2.5 or 2.6 compatible, so you will need to get Blender 2.49b from http://download.blender.org/release/ in order to play the game for now.

DOWNLOAD v1.1 with single-player support (2.6mb)


The rather unexiting wip-thread can be found here.


Wow, nice work. You should put put some more “space” in the environment and put 2d stars and nebula clouds (as 2d images)… Just add more environment, looks bland with that text there. Other then that 4 outa 5 stars for small games.

I didn’t want to overload it and keep the focus on the game…

glad someone likes it :spin: thx for your comment.

OMG xD my friends and i are exactly working on a arkanoid breakout commercial game with a transparent playboard xD please don’t judge us when we are releasing our 1st demo/screenshots.

xD nice - i am going now to have a round with your Gravisballs :smiley:

greetings from austria,


hehe, no problem :wink:

Can you post a link to your demo once it is finished? You got me interested in your games background and playboard :]

sounds effects made me lol :smiley:
good work

You think theres power in those balls??? Well i got two as well!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLO Just joking:D

You should find a different name for it though…it sounds like grab mi balls:D

im not trying to be mean or be a hate poster like some people i know but you should call it “GraviSpheres”:smiley:

Evil graphics!

thx for your comments guys!

as for the games title: obviously sex sells, so I’ll better keep it … got you interested somehow doombopboyz, didn’t I?


Not only is this a really cool idea for a game with the gravity ball attraction but it is in fact the best BGE game I have ever played by a LONG shot. Worlds more fun than yo frankie imo (considering I thought yo frankie was boring as hell). This game however is a totally original concept, perfectly executed, and loads of fun. INCREDIBLE JOB!

oh and btw if you do end up changing the name then I think it should certainly be “Gravity Testicles”

I have to agree - original idea.
Needs one thing to be perfect - a AI :wink:

:Dhahah your totally right zapman oh and im having a “ball” playing this game LOL

thx guys, you make me feel proud :o


sorry it’s been long time, had to much work to do.
yes, i will keep you informed when we will publish the demo. =)
still working on that and another game xD

greetings =D

Zapman, I didn’t have a second person to try this game with, but playing by myself it seemed to work well, and the gravity adds a much needed twist to a breakout/pong like game. Excellent job on it, but an AI would be a much welcomed improvement. Even one that moves and fires randomly. maybe even one that follows the nearest ball with a maximum movement speed set, and only fires balls depending on the number on the field.

I think you could pull it off, and I hope you give it a try.


Alright, I guess I’ll try to add an AI then. Several people asked for it now…

this rocks!!! love the sound and graphics!!

thx people!
I added an AI… have a look at the first post or give me a hand at the WIP thread