finished game! please help!

(blengine) #1

i have just completed a 35 meg game, about 35-40 minutes of gameplay, decent graphics, and some good replay value due to beng able to blow up cars and rob a guy and drive cars, and hit people with guitars =) hehehe…

but i need serious help! i cant get the blender web plugin to load games over 5 megs! i dled the gameplayer 2.2 as well, and that doesnt work either…i was planning to put the game on a cd with the game player and send it to whoever wanted it(for free), but i cant get it to load???

can anyone help? if anyone knows of any online shop thats still selling publisher or if anyone is willing to make this an exe for me, knows how to fix my plugin problem, or give me publisher( :wink: ), i would be so grateful!!


(S_W) #2

I noticed the damn problem, too.
Perhaps you could try to split the files somehow… :-?
Sorry that I can’t you really help. :frowning:

(wiseman303) #3

I’m not sure about the gameplayer, but it’s possible to have big games in the web plugin.
Split your game levels into seperate files 5 MB or less, and embed each level into a different HTML page.

Instead of a scene actuator to change levels set up a message actuator like this.

To: = host_application
Subject: = load_url
Body: = level2.html

(joecool) #4

35mb!? Geez! must be an awesome game! Can you upload it on like Kazaa? Then everyone could download it. :slight_smile: