Finished game: Slipslide

Yep, I’ve finally finished it:D
Slipslide is my first game in Blender, and is made entirely with open-source software (although I used Noteworthy Composer for music creation, as I couldn’t find a good open-source alternative:(). It also took about 5 months to make, partly because I got composers’ block when making the music and couldn’t come up with anything for ages, partly because the logic brick system is incredibly complicated (I need to use Python next time;)), and partly because I had to upgrade my RAM halfway through just to get Blender to open the file:p


The object of Slipslide is to reach the end of each level by sliding between obstacles which are spread around the area. When you start moving in a direction, you can’t stop moving until you hit one of the obstacles.
The levels are linked by an ongoing story, but it’s just text - this is only my first game after all:o
Slipslide uses a password system, so when you reach a new level you will see the password for that level in the corner of the screen.


Use the arrow keys to move, and R to restart the level if you get stuck. If you don’t know where the level’s exit is, holding down H will bring up an arrow pointing to the exit. To quit the game, press ESC.


I know most people won’t even think about downloading before they’ve seen some screens, so here you go:)

Level 1, set in a classroom:

The help arrow in action:

The second level, which is based in Slip City:

Where to download

The game can be downloaded from the Downloads page on the game’s wesite,
If you’re using Windows, you can get a nifty installer package that will install the game for you:D Other operating systems will have to download the .blend file though, as I don’t have a Mac or Linux computer to make a runtime on:(
The files are quite big, so they might take a while to download.
You can also get MIDI versions of the game’s soundtrack and some desktop wallpapers from the downloads page:)

Tell me what you think, but bear in mind this is my first game;)

Ok, i’ve downloaded the installer which is pretty damn cool! but i tried playing it
and it says i need python25.dll to run it, and it installed it with python24.dll.

Fix please! :smiley:

EDIT: Or can you just post a copy of python25.dll please! (I dont have it :D)

I’ve been waiting for a while for this game, dling it right now.

Nice!! Downloading now :D.

You could always use the BlenderStarter for the other system runtimes. We need a 2.44 BlenderStarter though… :frowning:

EDIT: I’m going to Email LOGAN about it :D.

Thanks for the comments:)
I knew there would be something wrong with the installer, nothing like this works first-time;)
Well, here’s Python25.dll. I’ll update the installer soon:yes:
braveheart: Yeah, I was going to use that but it only goes up to 2.43 I think:(

Okay, I just got python25.dll and tried it again and it said i was missing another file. MSCV7…dll or something like that so i think i’ll get the blend instead :smiley:

Hmm, it seems to work fine when I install it on a different PC… Is anyone else having problems getting it to work?:confused:

Hey, really cool man! I’m really glad you stuck at it and finished it. Most people can’t boast that…even with their amazing graphics and all.

Good work, Animatinator!!! By the way, is there good reason for the blend file being 80MB??


The reason the blend’s 80MB is because of the six massive WAVs I put in;)
I think the game engine could really do with MIDI support…:smiley:

Could you upload a version without the WAVs, 80mb will take to long on my connection.

Could you upload a version without the WAVs, 80mb will take to long on my connection.
Okay, here it is:yes: It’s a bit quiet though;)

I’m going to try installing it on my dad’s computer to see if it’s still looking for dll’s that aren’t in the Blender folder, I’m not sure why it does that as it worked fine when I installed it on my computer (and I’m pretty sure I don’t have MSCV7.dll:confused:):slight_smile:
Maybe that installer was a bit buggy, when I copied it to CD it said “this file is linked to things that won’t be copied” or something (it didn’t do that with the new one I made that has Python25.exe).

Just tested the installer, it turns out it was just a problem with the original one - it works fine now:)

Lol :smiley: Nice game :slight_smile: Only thing that bother s me is that the ice outside is plane white. But fun, fun game indeed :slight_smile:

I am unable to download it. On the download page when I click the blend it just goes in a circle and opens the first page again.

So where is the file?

Thank you…

installer error ntvdm cpu illegal error…

How odd…:confused:
Well, try this link, maybe your browser doesn’t like the website;)

I am unable to download an 80mb file. It would take all day, and I have to share the computer with my family.

Could you possibly make a music-less version?

I can’t wait to play it!

I’ve already posted it actually, but here it is again anyway:)
Tell me what you think:yes:

Fun, cute game! The music in level 4 had me laughing, cause it was so action-y. Level 5 actually gave me a bit of trouble, I tried a lot of different routes before I found the right one.

Very neat, solid game! Good job! :slight_smile:

Good to see level 5 wasn’t too easy (it still takes me a few tries anyway;)).

animatinator! I found you! Thats what I get for being sick for two weeks and having no blender… dling the game now, … it better have my shrine :stuck_out_tongue: