[Finished] Headphone - Cycles


I’m learning Blender and Cycles at the moment.
I saw a tutorial on Blender cookie about doing a headphone and rendering it under Cycles.

So I started my own HeadPhone.

Here is where I’m now

However I would like to go futher, I don’t want to drop it like that, I want to learn some more.

I would like to add the logo of Blender on the earphones, and add some folds.

Here is a paintover to show you.


I was said to use a Mask for the logo, I guess this is the right way, I’m going to goolgle it later.

And lastly I don’t know how to manage to do this folds through textures. I wish I could find a good technic.
Maybe modeling folds and then baking it would be ok ? I don’t know

If you could help me, I’ll be greatful !

See you soon and thanks for reading :eyebrowlift:

looking good, your best bet for the folds in my opinions would be to find a good image or make one that resembles the folds, apply it as your diffuse using a uv mapping so it flows onto the suface well then use a displacement modifier from the cycles material settings (which is bump mapping in cycles), hope this helps slightly

Yes, I’ll try this, but I’m having trouble using nodes. Not easy for me that’s the first time, and I’m having right now trouble to add the logo on my headphone.

See the pic attached.

But it doesn’t work, I just want to multiply the logo on my headphone with its transparence onto the current shader of my headset.

  1. I added the texture coordinate node for the uvs I’ve unwarpped to place the logo (just the earphones, not the rest of the mesh though)
  2. Two image texture (the one with the logo and its color, another one with the alpha)
  3. The mix shader, and then I wanted to multiply my basic shader with the transparent logo. However It’s not working, I’m probably not enough brained to do it on my own !

Quite frustrating !

Any advise ? Moreover I think white is transparent in blender and black visible. I made a mistake If that’s it.

Cheers all

I could help you with the logo in blender internal, but I’m afraid I just don’t understand cycles. I’ll monitor this thread, though, so I can learn something too! :smiley:

Before trying it on a complex model, I thought I should try to achieve it on a simple mesh with just a basic color.
It seems I had enough logic to reach my purpose ! :confused:

Here is the way I did it

Let’s apply this on the headphone. Hope It’s going to work :slight_smile:
However, there are some useless nodes (mix shader) in this screen…

I’m pretty sure that having the UV map extend outside the image is a bad thing. Add some more space around the dges till the UV map can fit inside.

Hello, I’m not sure, telling this is bad is the right word, sometimes going outside the uvs coordinates is required, when you want to tile something. Isn’t it ? At least, when creating games I use it all the time to save some memory.

Maybe you want to tell my approach is itself bad ? The fact I have my uvs going outside the uvs coordinates and I want however it to no-repeat ? I agree… :o

I guess, because I’ve found a way to use nodes that could tell not to repeat uvs, if you could enlight me If ever such a node exist… So I followed your advice Mack :slight_smile:

So What I did, is I just scaled down my uvs to fit uvs coordinates and I’ve scaled up my logo. Like that that’s correct. It’s well applied.

Here is a the pic !

I’m only repeating what I have heard on other threads.
I’m not sure about game models, but if you want a texture to repeat on a model that is rendered then you can add a vector mapping node and increase the scale by a factor of how many times you want the texture to repeat.

Thanks for your answer Marktruck :slight_smile:
It’s noted for the vector mapping node.

Here is my last render, I left it black (the logo) because I find it fits better. :slight_smile:
Next step, the earphones and folds.

Defiling blender by the BLACK LOGO! xD jk they look pretty awesome I really like the texturing and the cool reflection from the floor haha keep up the good work !

Looks really good. My only input would be that if you are going to use the Blender logo and make it black, which I agree looks best in this situation. I would suggest making the orange color of the headphones the same orange as the Blender logo, or at least a brighter orange as the one you currently have looks a bit dull.

Over all though it looks great.

Thanks for your comments, I’ve followed your advices. Struggling to find some free time to finish it !
However, I would like to unwrap my uvs now, at least some parts where I want to use pictures for my shader.
And I have two questions :

  1. Is it possible to freeze uvs at least some uvs Island in the blender uv editor ?
  2. I’ve applyed a checker texture to the earphones, I’ve set the viewport mode to “texture” but I can’t see the checker in the viewport, I want to see it to check my uv distorsions, if you could enlight me ! It seems I still see the material itself, not the checker.

Here is a screenshot to show what I mean.


If you want to not change the layout of certain UVs then don’t select the faces for those UVs when you unwrap the model again.

The checkered testgrid may not be showing up because it may need to be saved as an image.

Thanks, I simply applied a checker texture through the texture menu. I thought It was possible to preview a checker whitout really applying the texture itself. Just through the uv editor, as preview. It seems It’s not the case.

So here is where I’m now, bump added, spec modified, and HDRI added as well.
I feel It’s going to reach this end soon…

Thanks everyone.

There is plenty you can add to this.
You can add wrickles to the padding of the head band.
You can add noise to the black plastic material.
You can add scratches and scuffs to the orange material.

    • Indeed, I could do that, but maybe it will be too much, I think I’ll keep it like that, I’ll have more diversity with my materials.
    • Yes, good idea, I’ll do that !
  1. Honestly, I’m not sure for this project I want to add scratches and “dirt”, It will add some realism as well, but I’ want above all to create somehing looking new, something you would see on a advertisement for exemple.

Thanks for your answers since the beginning of my wip Mack !

Hello there, I’ve finally played with the composite nodes and I think I reached the end of this picture. I know I could do a lot more as some of you told me but I’m satisfied because I 've learnt a lot more about Cycles, and the compositing as well.

That was my main aim, and now I would like to focus on something else !
So here is the end result, It’s only done under Blender.

Thanks for all the people who helped and commented. :slight_smile: