[FINISHED] Master Sword (from Zelda)

Hi everyone, I’ve started to work on a new scene. Remember when you got the master sword in Zelda:A Link To The Past? I’m making a tribute, low-poly style.

To Do:

  • Materials
  • Grass (maybe just suggest it?)
  • Some stones
  • Fix that ugly hole in trees and make more models for variety
  • Work on the camera angle, or maybe proportions
  • Figure out lighting
  • Add mist/light rays

hmm, this may take a while…

cool keep it up

This brings back very old memories, Januz! It is looking great so far. I think you’ve got a good idea of what needs to be done, seeing your to-do list. I will say, I already like the camera angle you’ve shown here. Perhaps, more than a single camera angle should be created to accurately capture all the moods this scene is capable of evoking. I think 2 or 3 images could be rendered, to give the setting more depth. I think the low-poly look is very effective with this scene.

I’m looking forward to seeing how your progress with it!

Some small progress. Started playing with materials, more tree models and added some details to the sword.

@pctopgs, thanks!
@James Candy Great idea about making several renders!

Progress! I added some more stuff, fixed materials and started playing with the lights. Still needs MOAR of everything.

Forest is pretty much complete, also added mist. Up next: Lighting!

Starting to come together

This looks really cool! I like your minimalistic style. :wink:

Thanks Pandatron!

Looking good! You’re probably already planning on it, but the sword could use some additional light on it, and perhaps a bit of glare. I know you want to keep the low-poly look though, so you may have other ideas about how to continue.

The scene is coming along well!

Thanks man! I added more light, and a second glare node. I just have to figure out how to light the sword better without burning the platform :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s almost there, only tweaks at this point.

Januz this is amazing, I love the low-poly style, and yeah this scene is legendary, about the platform problem, how many lights are you using? maybe if you turn down the emission strength a little the platform won’t get burned, or try a different light setup. To me its beautiful, nice work!.

Hey, Thanks Juca_rios. I eventually fixed by making the platform darker, making the lights bigger and setting a clamp value in the sampling settings. I was getting fireflies like crazy when I rendered in high quality so I spent the last couple of days fighting them, clamp proved very useful for this.

I’m using a ton of lights (way more than I should). I still suck at lighting -.-

Here’s the final render! 2K samples. I’m probably not going to do more renders, the setup is pretty complicated and full of cheap tricks.

I’m no Zelda fan, but this looks really nice…

Fantastic job! Good choice, to reduce the brightness of the white stone to keep it from becoming too bright. You should post this to the Finished Projects section!

I would suggest uploading a square cropped version as well, or even a portrait-cropped version (taller than it is wide), to use as a thumbnail. It will help make your image stand out more, since the forums resize all the thumbnails to maintain the same horizontal dimensions. I’ve seen many good works get passed over, simply because they had wide aspect ratios, and became very small as thumbnails. Mention Zelda in the title and you’ll get plenty of views, too.

Great work, Januz!

@m_squared, Thanks!
@James, Thanks for the tips :wink: I’ll change the title for now and keep it in mind for the next wip

Yeah! great work Januz!! Congratulations!