Finished Modelling the fountain, now need to get particles working

As seen above, I’ve rendered the fountain with moving water.

If you try to click in Fountain with Moving Water in here that takes you to, or the one from (I did a search for blender fountain tutorial in Google), that link is broken.

So now that I’ve done the fountain and water-moving part in Blender, I want to make the water particles come out and back down to the fountain look like this:

It depends on what type of quality your looking for. This can be done with a fluid simulation, but it would need to be very high resolution.

I think your planning to use the particle system. I did a quick setup to show you one way that this can be done. Just add a plane and an ico sphere to the scene and add a particle system setup as shown below. Then just add a water material to the ico sphere.

You can add more particles and or make the ico spheres smaller to fit the resolution you want.


Got it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

can you load up the file
i would like tot est that too and how it looks

might be usefull for other people too

keep up the good work


Oh, sure! Here’s the video of the fountain.

sprry i was talking about the blend file if you can not the video
and will also be usefull for other people i guess and can be used as a reference

but looks nice


Here you go.

thanks for the file

now how do you run this thing

do you avhe to do Alt-a to make it then run animation or may be save this into an AVI file
then you can see the video ?


Alt+A starts an animation.
F12 renders what you see in the camera view.
Ctrl+F12 renders the animation to disk.
To play a rendered animation (that’s after you’ve done Ctrl+F12 to render an animation to disk), you do Ctrl+F11 (careful, don’t mistakenly press Ctrl+F12 for Ctrl+F11 if you want to play an animation.

ok i did begin wiht al-a
and i look at the folder for baking i guess
and it had files with 5 MB and about 20 for a total of 100 MB!

that’s a lot of space for a small fountain!

how much data did you get?

i think there may be a way to reduce this to les than that and have somethng nice

also did you lookl at fuild simulaltion todo this ?


Maybe I need to use fluid simulation instead of particles.

The fluid must be able to repeat itself continuously and it has got to be fast. For right now, I have about 100,000 particles, which is the max that I can get, but I don’t get a lot of particles when it comes to falling down to the water of the fountain. Also, I’m trying to make the particles look like a drop of water but I couldn’t figure this out.

Could it be that 100,000 particles have over 100 megabytes in size?

Do you have any suggestions?

Looks like you got decent results with the particle system. I think the 100MB file size was probably because you used such a massive amount of particles. Though if you have a fast computer with enough RAM you usually don’t have to bake particle simulations.

I don’t recomend doing this project with a fluid simulation just simply because of the amount of time it takes to bake and render, not to mention the file size could be over 4GB.
Here is a really great video demonstrating blender’s fluid simulation capacity.

As you can see, blender can do some amazing splash effects but deals with fluid on a much smaller scale than that of a fountain.

But I have some ideas on how to make the fountain look even more convincing just by using the particle system.

I’ll get back to you.

use children instead that will be faster

but i’ll look a little more in flduid may be there is a simpler way !

there are many example of fountain

found this one with particules butr don’t know how it work
anybody knows?


Same question … need to get particles water animation in blender like this- Please \ tell me if any body knows any thing about this work.
Thanks in advance.

These are the nozzles of the water