Finished: Mustang Sally (UPDATE FIRST POST)

ALRIGHT, only post pro is a little colour correction and a lense flare. Background is a matte painting.

What do you all think… ani coming soon.


Redone… re-painted some textures, fixed some other stuff… I am happier now. Anyhoo.

BTW, the mustang Sally aint stretched, it is supposed to be text on a curve like that… a lot of old planes had cartoony writing (hence the woman on the side of the plane)

I like it. only crit would be that in some areas the reflections are to bright. Good job.

looks too toyish, and the ‘mustang sally’ is distorted, but other than that, it is super sweet.

texturing needs sharper quality, and bumpmap…
maybe more contrast…


Awesome! :o

An animation of that would be even more awesome. If you do, use the Ter2blend script so that you can have realistic mountains. :wink:

Hey Matt,
Looks great. My only crit is the top of the texture needs anti-aliasing or better image quality. Other than that, It’s great. And it has mood.
BTW, you can’t help using lens flares, can you? :wink:
Keep up the great work.

I would get rid of the dof - it makes the whole thing look small. and a second thing is that under the plane I can see a small like, like you have pasted it ni pp and not very good - my suggestion is to render the whole thing together using the unified renderer.

Great !! good work !

My only critics is that the light seems to come from the top left corner but there is a big reflection on the opposed side… I does not understand from where it comes…

Anyway, you have made a really good job !

Superb modelling and texturing, really wonderfull done, there is one point of critics by the way: perhaps you could add a fine bunpmap so that the hood (or whatever it is called with a airplane) is less shiny and -new-lookin’. I can’t wait for a animation :smiley:

Yep ! very good update ! much better !
I really like it ! :smiley:

looks awesome nayman :smiley:

Good stuff. But I think I like the colors of the top picture better… more balance, less overwhelming red.

Vey nice job. It looks awsome. Reminds me of something that would be in Sky Captain.


Awesome texturing!
Great job!

Wow, that is fantastic.

Great job Nayman. Fantastic design and I really like the setting and lighting for the final render.

I agree about the lack of a bump map, though I know you used one. Great texturing job too.


Background is a matte painting.

Of course th plane, matte painting is very neat! Which software did u use?GIMP? And if you can, can I see the original matte painting image? It looks very detailed.

Looks awsome. I love the style. The reflections are a little off, considering the sun is behind it on the second picture, but I really had to look hard to see that. I agree an animation would be awsome!