Finished my racer

Only took me two months :slight_smile:

heres the link

very cool man, very cool. Only a couple of things:

Where the front axle goes into the body, it seems begging for some detail, like a cloth acordian join or just some kind of stuff there.

Is that number in the quake font?

Now, i wanna see a yafray’d version :slight_smile:

looks good! it was worth the two months! :slight_smile:

Vigilate, your link is bust!!!


Prob not busted, probably just over used wait till tommorow. No Not a quake font Im not sure what it was I just did it up quick in gimp. As for the front end its gotta be lean its a race car :). And If you wanna try it in yafray be my guest im usually on msn look for me [email protected] and Ill send ya the .blend file. I havent used yafray and I would have put this in a nice scene accept I havent done any scene renders in blender yet. Maybe at a later date ill add armatures and make a short movie.

dang dang… it loaded like the first 1/4 and then froze… and when i hit refresh it was a dead link =(

links working now

No it’s not mate.

Still comes up with the same upghrade account window, bandwidth exceeded!


you could pretend you haven’t spent two months on this and enter it in the weekend contest…

of course i haven’t actually seen the pic yet, the link is still dead, but im sure two months would beat most weekend efforts!

The link is dead beacause people are viewing the site.

Stupid topsites :(. Does anyone know a free webhost that doesnt have bandwith restrictions and allows remote linking for free?


sign up for a free account at They allow free interwebsite linking, with max bandwidth restricted to 3 uploads a day, no hit restrictions.


cool I can deal with 3 uploads

Wont work. I have to have a site that allows remote linking which I dont :frowning:


Is this not what you mean?


Oh :slight_smile: I wasnt sure where exactly to post images so i gotta setup a gallery eh cool.

Anyway if my sites down you can view the main pic here.

Very nice :slight_smile:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Nice work Vigilante. It was worth waiting for.

Looking forward to your next Blender work.


Thx, Currently Im working on a dungeon door type thing. I need to find some good textures for it though.

Hi, again. For your wood type textures check the first link. The second link is to the Home page of that same site and the third is a googl directory of free textures. (This is an awesome resource.)

Hope you find these useful.