*Finished* Non-competing- Cure Seeker (Make a Splash in Amsterdam)

Yeah sure, and thank you for asking :).

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I textured the girl as a statue and now she’s ready to be posed


I’m really proud. Making a character from scratch and posing it for the first time!. The posing process took me a day since it’s my first time using rigify in Blender.

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I’m gonna make a butterfly on her finger instead of insects from the main movie.
And she will be holding a paper from the movie in her other hand, oh and I will make her a necklace.

all is left is the butterfly and adjusting the environment

Hey! As we’re entering the final days of the challenge, I’d like to give you some helpful tips to make sure you can successfully complete your entry. Please see my new post on the FAQ topic.

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Thank you Bart!

I had a change of heart about the environment, testing light 1st attempt

Testing lights 2nd attempt

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so this is the scene so far

The necklace is an image to the extruded plane on her neck
the pendant’s material is procedural
I took the paper from the website of the movie, made some adjustments and placed it in her hand

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I added some light sources

I made some fog in photoshop

I added some signs and mossy texture

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I added another item that I modelled

I sketched the wing of the butterfly (Inspired by Arcane) on Adobe illustrator and imported it to Blender as SVG

Here are some updates for the butterfly

a close shot for the girl and the butterfly

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Some technical issues are that I can’t upload the whole scene on sketchfab in one shot, I tried to upload everything from the first time, it didn’t show.
I then tried to add more items every single time I reupload my model.
Then I tried to upload the pendant, necklace, and the butterfly but they won’t load like this

I dono why I get this error to be honest

after exporting my simple pendant as FBX to check what’s wrong, I got this
and it’s just a bevelled cube!