Finished or Not?!?!?

Ok, Not that I am trying to shake up the poop barrel here but MY GOD…

Lets Define a few things here…

WIP=Work in Progress…

Ok if I were to post an image and say THIS IS DONE! that means I am not going to work on it anymore…<- takes balls

Now if I said Here is a WIP, I need to work on this more and I want it to be better<–takes even more balls.

Why you ask. Lets look at the Finished Projects section for a moment.

How many times to people post an image there with out having a thred in WIP…80% about? lets say 75%…That is alot. Now how many of those so called 75% Finished Projects turn into a WIP thred. With the poster making numerous changes to his or her work, All while being in the Finished section?..

Lets please look ourselves and ask…Am I REALLY done? You know the answer…And if you DONT have a WIP thred are thinking of posting that image as Finished…Think about it. Will your Finished image end up in the never ending Not-Quite-Finished black hole?

I know this may also be fixed with the new Forum coming online soon, but when you ask “Hey where is my image” You will know why it got moved or deleted. Dont say I diddnt warn you.

Three different schools of thought:

From the art’s perspective - Finished = polished. Like a new car. Not much, if anything, needs to get done to finalize it.

From the artist’s perspective - Finished = “I don’t want to work on it anymore.” Doesn’t really matter where the art is conceptually or technically. It could just needs some tweaks or it could need a total rework.

From the cynic’s perspecitve - No work of art is ever finished. You can always find something to fix or tweak or change. It’s organic and ever-changing… just like the artist.

None of these perspectives are right. And yet… all of them are.

Just because you call it done doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. I mean come on…

Ahh my argument is not that it CANT be improved on…

My argument is that people post knowing they will change it later. Like they think they will get more hits if they show in Finished Projects.

Basically an artwork can be finished, it is ready, if you can’t go and do it anymore, if like, if it’s painted to the moon, and you can’t go there and you don’t have a super laser to paint it more.

Enriq766, I know what you mean.

I am absolutely fine with 1 or 2 updates in a Finished Projects thread. But more than that, it’s really a WIP. Some mods pick this up, and move them to Work in Progress, but there are too many.

People just need to take all the C&C and put them in one final update, and not show us every f*cking step. if so, move it to WIP or get whipped

I second what Fweeb said.

There’s many ways to look at it, everyone thinks differerntly therefore there will always be a level of “unfinished” work in the finished projects. What you may think is finished, I may not and vise versa.

There’s no way you can really say the people posting know they will change it, you can only truly speak for yourself. Also, it’s a two sided story, Are the comments in finished projects real ‘finished projects C&C’ or are they ‘WIP C&C’, not to mention are they even C&C? Do they pressure people into changing the piece by targeting what they say directly?

“I would like to see XYZ added into this piece” I believe these sort of comments does not aid in any way. The comments should not be spoon feeding or saying what you would like to see, after all that is trying to turn the piece into your work, not theirs, many people forget that. You should be picking up on what the poster is trying to create in his piece, better still if they state it in thier original post, and comment where they hae gone wrong, hint to them what they should do but never tell them what to do, they wont develope independance very well if you tell them what to create how to create it all the time.

People should be saying things such as " in your next piece maybe you should focus on" and so on. To me, people only post updates based on the comments they recieve that are basically asking /telling them to do XYZ and expecting an update.

Enriq I totally agree with you. Currently it’s like WIP and WIP2. I had a thread saying this myself a while ago.

Art can be finished, if the artist continued to work on it making small tweaks indefinately places like the Louvre would have 20 different versions of the same pieces.

Though computer art is a lot less hassle to tweak then paintings.

It’s really annoying to read something like:

"OK, here’s my last project… it’s finished but I know it’s not perfect and has bad lighting and I could have done better with the modeling and the textures are bad and the camera angle should have been different.

C & C please".

Alright so theres a couple schools of thought. So what? I think it would be a’ok to just take a vote on what it is to be finished and go by that. Why shouldn’t there be rules for this sort of thing? I just get really sick of looking at utter crap.

oops dont know how this double posted…

Exactly! Thats what propted me to start my “Too many crappy models” Thred. That turned out pretty good I must say. Also a resolution to that problem was found with the purchase of the new forum software.

But…This problem…(I dont want to sound like an old maid with nothing better to do than yell at the kids crossing her lawn…) really bothers me.

I know it shouldnt, bother me and I dont want to get back into the “Oh, its art” debate. The Admins have already taken the first step in not letting Cube renders go posted, but is this the line?

I RESPECT the admins of this site. If they told me that my work was not good enough to post in finished projects, I would work harder. I would have more self control and self censorship. I would not go posting my CRAPPY work knowing it might get locked or Deleted. Or if my RESPECTED peers tell me so. (and I dont mean the new users who are out to pick a fight or start some peddy argument with me. You know who you are…)

I am not good. I tell myself this all the time. Because I KNOW for a fact that there is someone out there who is better than me. I wish more people understood that and understand why its bad to say “My Crap is Done!” When its not.

—but Wu is not better, I get more women hitting on me than he has porn mags, thats alot!—

That is exactly how I think of it.

Perhaps you should, then, go on over to CGTalk. I mean, I know its annoying with the simple, no effort, cube/sphere/suzanne things, but it’s unfair to expect professional quality all the time with so many beginners, myself among them.

And hopefully I will be making a contribution to finished projects by the end of the week which isn’t utter crap. :wink:


Crap! Am I the only one that notices the ‘Delete’ next to the ‘Edit’ button? But yeah, I think something that belongs in Finished Projects is just that a ‘Finished Project’ But might I add, is it alright to start an entirely new thread in Finished Projects after posting in WIP and finishing it?

Me personally has NEVER posted in ‘Finished projects’ but i agree with you all you post work there to get some feedback to make your next project better and nothing else, if you want to make your current project better put it in the WIP forum

While we are all getting philisophical.
Art is made up of two things observing your painting
2.others oserving your painting
if they done agree the project will never be finished :smiley: