Finished Poster Illustation

Blender was used for the figure, background and foreground flames where done in Photoshop.

Great stylization in this poster design, FlashBrando! I always enjoy seeing someone use flat shading in an effective way! The choice of warm/cool colors, as well as warm/cool lighting setup is very nice. The Devil character’s expression really sells the piece. Good job all around.
May I ask, were you commissioned to create this, or is it a personal piece?

Wonderful! Inspiring work!

Wow, I really like this one. I consider myself more ‘technical’ than ‘artistic’, so I find these 2D works (well, almost 2D) very inspiring.

It is for a local showing of artists and designers to coincide with an international film festival. We were asked to choose a film to represent and then do a custom piece inspired by the film. It will be hung up in the theatre during the festival.

Thanks for the praise James, the project was a lot of fun and I enjoyed playing with the look of flat geometry.

Using 3D software to make a 2D drawing. Something ive been somewhat dabbling with lately :smiley:

this gives me a bit more drive forwards in thataspect.

This is great. I agree with the other comments, it’s inspiring. Recently I tried to create some realistic stuff but your image shows me again that a great style is more appealing to me than realism.

This is incredible! Your style is great. The flat shading suites the image perfectly. I know it is incredibly hard to pull off using flat shading with such low polys. I look forward to seeing more of your work :slight_smile: