Finished Project - The Abandoned Theatre


Here’s a project I worked on a while ago…
Basically it’s what the name says The Abandoned theatre:

Some pics:

For better visual of it I’m going to post a video… Hope that the pics work.

Till then…

Fort Ash


Its really dark if you have anything in the foreground because I cant see a thing more than the lighten scen. Make it light or dont have all that black around.

I have to agree with Mazz. We enjoy seeing more than just the main act.

Well you’ve nailed the atmosphere, 5 stars on atmosphere from me. (No i didn’t actually rate the whole thing 5 stars)
It needs a few things like textures, and perhaps a bit of story. I have no idea why that manakin head is there, perhaps you could give it a reason to be there?

Hey guys,

Thanks for your replies and I apologize for not posting…
I’ve been busy with my other project The Vehicle.

Thanks for the 5 stars and the head… It’s actually really there for no reason…

The scene was first created for an animation (movie) I hoped to make with a character which is a little boy with a wish to preform on stage. But in his town the only theatre is abandoned. One day he sneaks into the theatre, turns up the lights and shamefully approaches the end of the stage. He speaks a word “Hello…” after that he realizes that there is nobody in the theatre, drags an empty bucket towards him and sits on it (sad expression on his face).

Yeah, it’s suppose to be sad…

Fort Ash