Finished project, the architectureal sort

For many forum members here the image or sometimes the video is the finished project.
For me as an architect Blender serves to convey ideas to clients, through Archviz or not so advanced 3D representations and, very importantly, helps me through modeling primarily and lighting and texturing to design.
For me the final product is my design built, one that has been conceptualized, modeled and overall designed with Blender. It truly has helped me in the process.
So below is a finished product, modeled and rendered 2 years ago.
I have posted starting with the final product, in this case the building photographed and the next post some renders in Blender from back “then” . I purposely chose a project that only went a little into texturing or final archviz production and was mostly about designing space with Blender.

More as published online and on Instagram

Will be posting the Blender visualizations shortly.


As you see below, the images from the model have only basic material settings. During this phase of the design the material detail is irrelevant, what is important is the material choices and combinations, so the level of rendering remains schematic. But more than anything else the images were important feedback for realizing and interactively re-designing space. Most all my images from then were Equirectangular, I would set the model in 360 photos I had taken on site and then place the model of the building in this surrounding world space. I would get back control over the siting of the building and the space of the building itself.

The first two are a couple of the very few plain, ie non 360 images, that I have saved from then:

The following are links to the 360 images from Blender’s equirectangular panoramic camera, loaded in Google Photos, in order to enable 360 viewing.

Working many hours in 3D, modeling, gives the architect an experience that empowers and extends the imagination. Since I spent a lot of time viewing from the 3D viewport and navigating, these 360’s are for communicating the feeling of the space, with others and as standalone reminders, without loading Blender.

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