Finished Projects shows posts as bookmarked even though they aren't


I’ve got neither of those bookmarked, yet they’re shown as if they are. There are others as well. What gives?

Hmm it seems to work as expected for me, you don’t see these in your bookmark list?

(Also moved to #support:blender-artists-website-support)

I don’t :slight_smile: I haven’t bookmarked them, they’re not in the list, yet carry the mark when seen in that category.

Did you bookmark these in the past and did you delete the bookmarks? Having steps to reproduce this would help.

No, never bookmarked them. Let me see if clearing the browser cache would have any effect…

…no effect. Nor is trying with a different browser. Finished Projects still shows some posts bookmarked although they aren’t :thinking:

A small sample of topics I don’t even remember ever visiting, show bookmarked (they’re not):

There are more, seems like a lot more.

I’m at a loss why this happens and have reported it to the gallery plugin author:

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