Finished randomness

Hi all
I’ve been toying with blender for the last few weeks, and I’ve finished my first complete animation… mind you its only 2 seconds long. But I’m very proud of it.

Here it is, be sure to loop it when playing!


Where was the file now?

Whoop… it doesnt like .wmv files. I’ve uploaded it now…

I must say that it is very original!

Well that’s certainly different.

I like it! :smiley:

I saw weirdness, but no “cool” aspect, I’m afraid. :frowning:

I voted “just weird”.

not very weird to me.
but I kind of liked it.

In the world I live in, that is normal, not weird.

I like the 2-D-like toon shading! Posting a description of how you did that might be a good resource!

My crits: lose the blinking text. (or move it down out of the way and don’t blink it…) also, the cat should accelerate more evenly. It seems to pause for a bit right when it comes out of the pipe… (not that you’re shooting for (no pun intended) accurate cat-trajectory dynamics here, or anything :stuck_out_tongue: )